Welcome to Daoist Healing. This site is dedicated to healing arts and personal practices that have arisen from the original Daoist philosophies from ancient China. Systems like Chinese medicine, Chinese martial arts, Qigong, Fengshui, and a number of others, all share a common root in original Daoist philosophy and practices.
You will find here information on a variety of related topics, as well as information about my practice, located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Translation Project
I'm pleased to announce that the Daoist Healing Translation Project has finally launched. Translation work is now available to be viewed, commented on, and contributed to on the Daoist Healing wiki, located at wiki.daoisthealing.com. The articles being translated on the wiki are shown with Chinese and English in-line sentence by sentence. You'll need to have Chinese language support on your computer to view the Chinese text. The wiki was built with Media Wiki, the same code that drives Wikipedia. Mediawiki is a full featured open source code base that provides all the conveniences and features that users may want. In addition, the 'skin' that I created looks pretty nice too, pop over and have a look!